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Dr. Crenshaw is the proud recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hudson Valley Psychological Association.

Dr. Crenshaw is co-editing a series of books for Guilford.  Please click here for his Guilford books and ordering information.

 Rosie, first NY trial dog and what you can do to support Rosie's Law

"Heartfelt Feelings" Coloring Cards

Certified translations in 8 languages

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Dr. Crenshaw's book Bereavement: Counseling the Grieving throughout the Life Cycle is so successful that it is now in its third printing and earned an average customer rating of 4.0 out of 5 starsfrom Amazon.com      

Read Dr. Crenshaw's articles in Play Therapy magazine by clicking on title: "Should I Be Worried?"  "Selective Mutism" "Preverbal Trauma" "No Time or Place for Child's Play" "Sounds of Silence" "Symbolism of Windows and Doors in Play Therapy" "The Wonder of It All" "Rosie Goes to Court"  "Secrets Told to Ivy"  with permission of Play Therapy Magazine.  

Two New Poetry Books By David A. Crenshaw (click on titles for details)       The Vision of the Heart  and A Place of Healing and Hope

Books below are available in paperback at 20% discount. To order click on the book images below or simply call 1-800-462-6420.  Code # 4W9CAPBK.  If you want to read reviews first, click on book title under the book image.

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: Wounded Spirits and Healing Paths,

Therapeutic Engagement of Children and Adolescents

Understanding and Treating the Aggression of Children: Fawns in Gorilla Suits

Understanding and Treating Aggressive Children: Fawns in Gorilla Suits

Handbook of Play Therapy with Aggressive Children


Evocative Strategies in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

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DVD on Grief
...Heart Symbol Strategies
...Heartfelt Feelings Coloring Card Kit
...Party Hats on Monsters
...Anger Modulation Drawings
...The Ship Prepares for Voyage
...The Magic Key
...The Fair Trial
...The Tree at the Top of the Hill
...Falling Leaves
...Holiday Writing Exercises
...Three Doors
Articles for Parents and Teachers
Article: Empathic Healer
Article: The Fawns beneath the Gorilla Suits
Article: The Hidden Dimensions
Article: Sounds of Children's Silence
Article: Windows to the Child�s Soul
Article: Selective Mutism
Article: Sealing off the Fountain
Article: by Liana Lowenstein, MSW
Article: Rosie the Golden Retriever
Poetry... Musings of the Soul
...Multicultural Language of Healing a Child
...Poetry Book-The Vision of the Heart
...Poetry Book-A Place of Healing and Hope
Tribute to Survivors of Domestic Violence
"My Wish for Children"
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What They Say about Dr. Crenshaw's Presentations and Workshops


"Dr. David Crenshaw is a master clinician who has the ability to combine both theory and clinical application in his work with seriously at-risk youth. In his workshops he draws the participants into the cases through his unusual capacity to make his cases come alive. Dr. Crenshaw has many years experience working with very troubled youngsters. He has a wealth of information to teach and share and participants in his workshops always come away with enhanced understanding and new commitment to working with needy and troubled children."  Nancy Boyd Webb, DSW, BCD, RPT-S, Distinguished Professor and James R. Dumpson Chair in Child Welfare Studies--Fordham University 

"I would like to add my enthusiastic endorsement for Dr. David Crenshaw's presentations, most notably "Fawns in Gorilla Suits." I have heard David several times, and as an experienced presenter myself, have found his presentations both highly informative and quite humorous. He keeps his audience captivated from start to finish. He is a presenter with much to tell!!" Lois Carey, LCSW, RPT-S, Past President, New York Association for Play Therapy.

Feedback from presentation of Fawns in Gorilla Suits: Practical Child and Play Therapy Techniques with Aggressive Children Association for Play Therapy International Conference, Nashville, TN October 8th, 2005: 

�Excellent�please get him to come next year for a pre-conference full day. He is a great play therapist." 

�Should have at least 3 hours. One of the best sessions I attended.� 

�Excellent presentation�can he be asked to do a full day? Great research, blend of techniques, nice, calm presentation." 

�Wow�great just way too short." 

�Too little time for an exceptional speaker with so much to offer. Such a quality workshop. . . please give him more time.�

 �Great techniques! My only disappointment is that the workshop was too short�give him more time next year!�

 �Really enjoyed the presentation�lots of practical ideas. Why did he get only 1 hour. I would have liked a whole day." 

�Fantastic presenter, fantastic content. Only wished he was allotted a longer time slot. I would love to spend a full day on this.� 

�Excellent�should have been longer. The best of all I attended.� 

�Definitely should be an all day workshop.� 

�Wished it had been longer.� 

�Excellent�not enough time to hear all the creative ideas. Very helpful and knowledgeable speaker." 

�Wish we had more time. I enjoyed having a new presenter in the mix. He was very prepared, easy to understand and was able to hold my attention. Thanks for a new interesting topic.� 

�This guy was very good and did not have enough time. Please bring him back for a whole day.��This guy had so much to offer. This should have not been scheduled for an hour.� 

After presentation to the Hudson Valley Psychological Association, a colleague and fellow psychologist commented: �David is in a class by himself. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and draws on vast hands-on clinical experience.�

"It has been a privilege to have had David Crenshaw present at annual NYAPT conferences and the Sage Play Therapy Institute.  Each time I have heard David his expertise and compassion have been consistently evident and it is always a pleasure to hear him present." Mary Anne Assini, Director of the Sage College Play Therapy Institute and Clover Patch Early Childhood Program.

"This is the best workshop I have ever attended, the practical, hands-on information is exactly what I was looking for and I can't wait to get back to work to start using some of the many tools I learned today."

"Excellent presenter, ideas presented in a clear and concise way, extremely knowledgeable, I only wished it could be longer."

"Please put me on your mailing list, I can't wait to hear more.  This workshop was unusually helpful and beneficial to Me."

"Excellent, extremely well presented.  I appreciated the theoretical base and then the practical applications.  Especially liked hearing about Dr. Crenshaw's own clinical experience." 

"Dr. Crenshaw, your clients are very fortunate!  Thank you for all that you do to a make the world and our profession a brighter place!" 

"A wealth of experience, interesting stories and case presentations!"

"Very practical, useful material that I can take back to my work setting." 

 "Excellent, it was great to have someone so knowledgeable share his experiences, what a privilege--and he is so gentle, caring, and easy going." 

 "This workshop increased my understanding of aggression in children and provided me with just what I was seeking: practical interventions I can utilize in my work life."

"Best conference I have been to in many years."

 "Dr. David Crenshaw and Dr. Lenore Terr were excellent keynote speakers.  They held my interest throughout." 

"These keynote speakers were excellent, research and relaying their experiences invaluable."

 "Lenore Terr and David Crenshaw contributed valuable research and knowledge that enables me to look at my work in a new way."

 "The keynote addresses by Lenore Terr and David Crenshaw were excellent and informative."